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Let’s Connect!
Call 804-363-8280 or email shanna@shannak.com

Let’s Connect! Call 804-363-8280 or email shanna@shannak.com

Creating Connections that Count!

Creating Connections that Count!

Creating Connections that Count!

With Shanna K.

Program 1/3

Own The F.A.B. Woman In You

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be truly FABulous – Fearless, Authentic or Bold? How would that impact your career, business, and life? Would you be more innovative? Be more productive? Be more influential? Have better communication and stronger relationships?

When I left the comfort of my familiar home in Quito, Ecuador to attend college in the sourthern United States, I didn’t look like anyone else, I didn’t talk like anyone else, and I just didn’t fit in. Until I made one decision that changed everything in my college experience, my career, my relationships, and my current business.

If you are ready to take that leap, or you are feeling stuck trying to figure out how to move forward, you will find this presentation empowering and motivating to do just that.

What Will Be Learned:

The insight and decision that caused me to pivot and own the FAB woman in me

What are the signs when you are ready to step out of your comfort zone?

How to stay true and authentic no matter your environment

How does Boldness make you stronger in your personal and professional life


Program 2/3

The Art of Connecting
and Creating a
Powerful W.O.W.™!

When networking, do you feel confident answering the question “What do you do?” Do you wish you had a go-to response that’s genuine and easily shares who you are, what you do, and why? Would you love them to say “Wow, tell me more!” Whether introvert or extrovert, this session will give you the tools to connect with others easily, authentically, and powerfully with a W.O.W. statement that will help you grow your business or career.

This presentation will allow your members or employees to know each other in a fun and energizing way. It all starts with a way to connect and this is what I deliver:

What Will Be Learned:

What people really want to know when they ask, “What do you do?”

4 critical differences between networking and connecting that make all the difference.

How to create and apply your own memorable 60-second W.O.W. statement.

Program 3/3

The Art of Connecting for Authentic Sales Conversations

Now more than ever, people don’t want to be sold to, but they do want to buy. That’s why today the most successful business development and sales professionals know how to create connections built on an authentic desire to understand what someone needs and offer real solutions to solve their biggest problems.

What Will Be Learned:

How to start an authentic sales conversation

How to truly create trustworthy relationships with your prospects

How to handle objections

When it’s the right time is to close the sale

About Shanna

Shanna Kabatznick has been discovering and living the art of connecting her entire life. Born in Quito, Ecuador to a Jewish American father and Spanish Catholic mother, Shanna often felt that she didn’t completely fit anywhere, but she found a way to create friends and actively participate. When she moved to the United States to attend Mississippi State University she was suddenly immersed in an environment unlike any she had previously experienced. She felt uncomfortable, defensive and alone. Everything changed when she realized the keys to connecting with people different from herself. Her relationships transformed. Shanna went on to earn her Bachelor of Arts degree in Management Information Systems and create a successful 20-year career as a trainer, manager, and exceptional business development professional in the finance and banking industry. Today, she is the Founder and Chief Empowerment Office of FABWOMEN, a community of professional women. In addition, she is a bilingual keynote speaker who specializes in helping all professionals truly connect in a diverse world so that they experience reduced workplace conflict, increased productivity, and more successful sales conversations.  Her own “art of connecting” story is featured in Gusty Tales Off the Rails.  
Let’s Connect! Call 804-363-8280 or email shanna@shannak.com


“We had Shanna join us at our staff retreat to give pointers on making connections and building relationships. Networking is so important in what we do and her advice was relevant, useful and entertaining. We walked away with some great tips to improve our ability to connect and follow up. She is a bundle of energy! I highly recommend her as a speaker and networking strategist.”

Jennifer Boyle

Vice President of Operations, Junior Achievement of Central Virginia, Inc.

“The Goochland Chamber was privileged to have Shanna as a presenter at our lunch meeting.
Her presentation provided valuable information about money management and strategies.
Shanna would enhance any event with her knowledge and presentation.”

Bonnie Creasy

Executive Director, Goochland County Chamber of Commerce

“The thing about Shannna as a speaker is that she draws you in. Her relevant topics, her doable take-aways, and her infectious laughter together create an experience where you let go of any tension and want to learn. Time and again I’ve watched others feel more energized, equipped and empowered when they leave Shanna’s sessions…!” Mary Foley

Business coach for women entrepreneurs, speaker + host of P.O.W.E.R. Plug podcasts, Bodacious! Ventures

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