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Hola! Thank you for stopping by. Allow me to introduce myself.

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Expert in Sales, Networking, and Connecting for FABulous Women in Highly Competitive Industries.

My name is Shanna Kabatznick. As a bilingual trainer, speaker, and consultant, I built my career on connections. With them, you can break down barriers and authentically engage with others. I would love a chance to connect with you! Together let’s make your next event magical, memorable and magnetic

It is all about YOU!

Do you want …

  • your event participants to engage with each other and network?
  • A speaker that can change the energy of the room.
  • A speaker that can motivate, engage, and teach your audience?

If you answered yes to any of these questions…

3 Ways I can Help you

Need a powerful, engaging presenter for your conference or event? Shanna K. has you covered.

Ready to strengthen your team through authentic connections? Shanna’s in-depth trainings will help with that

Amplify your small business with programs designed to support entrepreneurs and business owners.

NOTE: All of Shanna’s topics can be customized to fit your audience needs. You can combine topics or let Shanna create something ideal just for YOU! Shanna’s topics can also be presented as keynotes, breakouts, workshops or trainings. All presentations can be done in English & Spanish.

Ready to strengthen your team through authentic connections? Shanna’s in-depth training is your solution.

It's time to energize, engage and elevate your work, your team and yourself!

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